Ian Stuart Edward Carmichael, F.R.S., 1930-2011

The September 2013 special issue of Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology contains a collection of papers dedicated to the memory of one of the great petrologists of the last century. Ian Carmichael had an illustrious career of distinguished research, extraordinary mentorship, and inspired university leadership. His achievements in all these areas are legendary and continue to have profound impact.

The preface of the special issue contains a figure depicting Ian's academic legacy, showing all of his Ph.D. level students and post-docs, his grand-students, a few of his great-grand students, and a number of his close academic colleagues and their progeny. All these individuals were touched by Ian's intellect, charisma, and intellectual prodding. None escaped his influence. All benefited profoundly from it.

The figure is available below in large format (18 x 18 inches, 300 dpi) in two versions: as a PDF file and as a TIF image (highest quality). Click on the appropriate link to download (via Dropbox).

The data for the figure were compiled with the help of many people, including the library staff at the University of Washington. Mark Ghiorso takes full responsibility for content, mistakes and omissions. The figure was conceptualized and drawn by Véronique Robigou of Ocean et Terra Studio, Seattle. Her talented visualization has rendered Ian's academic legacy in a stunning depiction that is both inspiring and humbling.


・Academic Spiral (PDF, 66.7 MB)
・Academic Spiral (TIF, 187.5 MB)