About OFM Research

OFM Research is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit research corporation founded in 2005 by Richard Sack and Mark Ghiorso. The mission of OFM is to promote research on the thermodynamic properties of natural materials and to encourage the application of thermodynamics in geochemistry, petrology and the study of ore deposits.

By-laws, tax forms, and other legal documents

What's in a name?

No, we're not the Office of Financial Management folks, nor the Office of Financial Missons. But why "OFM"? As the company was being formed, Richard Sack—a longtime dog-lover—successfully argued that it be named after his beloved dogs. The initials represent his three dogs at the time: Oldie, Fido, and Morgan.

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OFM Research Inc.
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Richard Sack & dog